Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

Train With A Pro

Premier offers access to training with several local golf professionals on the TrackMan technology.  You can schedule to meet with a golf pro at Premier for one-on-one or small group lessons to improve your game.

Great golf instruction provides the player with the ability to fully understand what they need to do in order to hit the shots they want to hit on a consistent basis.

The TrackMan at Premier Golf and Fitness provides the most accurate and detailed information regarding what is happening at the most important part of the golf swing, which is “impact”.

Blending the information provided by the TrackMan, with the use of high speed video analysis is a wonderful combination.    Video analysis shows the player exactly what needs to happen earlier in their swing and/or setup that will lead to a consistent change in their “impact conditions” and thus their ball flight.

Once a golfer fully understands what they need to do, they begin to acquire the ability to self diagnose and correct when they practice or play.  Achieving this ability is one of the cornerstones to building confidence as a player, and is also the mark of great golf instruction.

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