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Premier offers the unique opportunity to address your many fitness needs under one roof.


Work with local golf professionals to eliminate your ball flight errors, improve your golf readiness and create a focused mindset.

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Utilizing the Titleist Performance Institute's Medical Provider Training Program to analyze and correct the Body-Swing Connection.  This customized approach optimizes your ability to most efficiently swing a golf club.

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Proper stretching has been shown to improve range of motion, reduce risk of injury, enhance performance and minimize wear and tear on joints.  Speak to our training specialist about a customized flexibility program.


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I’ve been golfing for 22 years and consider myself to be an avid golfer. My handicap has plateaued at 12 and I realized it’s time to step up my game, but I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I heard about PGF. Dr. Bath put me through an assessment and tailored workouts to improve my weaknesses (there’s plenty). So far I’ve completed 10 of the 12 sessions. Today I hit my first hole in one of my career! Obviously there’s luck involved but I think it’s more than just a coincidence...looking forward to a great season. Thanks Dr. Bath!


Clifton Park, NY

After my first time in at Premier Golf and Fitness, I knew I wanted to incorporate this into my routine in order to improve my mobility.  Chris Bath was helpful in pointing out current physical limitations and developed a program that helps improve those areas.  The facility has all necessary workout equipment and a Trackman to hit balls on. I am recommending this to anyone who enjoys golf, fitness and is looking to improve.

Jimmy Gifford
Clifton Park, NY

When it comes to reaching your goals as a golfer, applying a sound game plan with regards to fitness is key.  At Premier Golf and Fitness, you are training at a world class facility with a world class coach in Dr. Christopher Bath.  Whether you are looking to simply stay healthy and strong while you play golf, or looking to take your game to its fullest potential, a visit over to PGF is a must.

Dave Mahoney

Former Touring Professional and 1 of 18 Certified Hank Haney Instructors

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